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Welcome all to a new era of Pixelmon! Guardian is a strictly Pixelmon server being created from the hope of experienced players that have seen both the negatives and positives of many servers and are striving to give everyone the best possible playing experience.  By utilizing both financial and creative freedoms, we are giving our all to make a server that lives up to the highest expectations. We are actively working on everything being different and better then any server you have ever played on. 

Terms of Service
It is worthy to note that all purchasable packages contain strictly virtual items, and all virtual items hold no value, and do not give advantages over players in-game. If you are banned from our server for breaking the rules, you will not be refunded any transactions made. All refund requests will go through the Guardian Pixelmon administration team, and will be only considered if the problem stems from lag, game glitches, or similarities to those two.  Additionally, only rank purchases will be transferred over from resets when they occur.